Monday, 10 April 2017

An actual outfit post omg 700 years later

    Outfit details

          Mom jeans, Primark (actually blue but I was feeling the black and white)
Turtle neck crop, H&M
Fishnets, Primark
Vans, gift
Choker, Zara
Awkward poses, ALL ME HONEY

Basically, hello. Again. So I decided on a whim that restarting this blog was something I actually wanted to give a shit about again, so here we are. I used to love creating outfit posts, fashion is an interest that has never left me, even when i've been sat in my pajamas lacking any motivation to get out of bed. (high five depression u the one) And so, I bring you a v v awkward first outfit post in like 7,000 years, but still. Ya girl tried okay?
     Also who else has fallen victim to the whole fishnet trend? Feel slightly like a tit because LOL this girl is no 'insta baddie' but for like two mins I felt kinda cool and happy with myself. Please ignore the super cringe posing, I haven't done this in a loong time and someone took these photos for me. No more awkward bedroom snaps, well, at least not for now. Oh and also shoutout to bae for buying me these platform vans, for once flat shoes don't make me feel like an absolute idiot (boots 4 lyf amiright) 
    Well, that's that, first blog post done. I know I am just a chubby lil 19 year old and I have no place in the blogging world, but its making me feel passionate about something again, which is all I can ask for right now, tbh.  

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